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June 2005 Archives

By Shaul Arieli | June 2005
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The ninety-nine papers and proposals formulated during the twentieth century regarding the future of Jerusalem(1) testify to the importance of the city for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - and to the ongoing battle of interests being waged between the diplomatic and political representatives of these three religions. Each of the proposals considers the local and global balance of power in the boundaries of the city and attempts to ensure freedom of worship and internal management of the holy places.

Op-ed by the secretary general of Peace Now on the tragic circumstances for residents of Northern West Bank Settlements NOT slated for evacuation

Q. transportation link between Gaza and the West Bank?

Q. Ramifications of destroying the settlers' houses in Gaza?

Cine-Peace Films

Learn more about the films being shown at Cine-Peace

"The Red Toy"

An award-winning short film which is a product of the prestigious Sam Spiegel Film School in Israel

Invitation Poster & Ticket Order Form

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Legislative Roundup - June 24, 2005

I. House ForOps - Update II. House ForOps - Settlements III. House ForOps - Egypt IV. UN Reform - Isr/Pals V. Dear Colleagues VI. On the Hill

Index and Link to all issues of APN's "Settlements in Focus" Posted on 6/24/05 According to recent news reports, the Jerusalem Municipality wants to demolish a large number of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem. Is this true? Yes. In November 2004, the Jerusalem town planner reportedly sent instructions to the building enforcement department to aggressively enforce building laws in a Palestinian neighborhood on the southern edge of the Old City, called ...

Peace Now flies kites!

A Peace Now group participated in the "Talking Kites" initiative on Friday, May 20

June 20, 2005 - Vol. 6, Issue 47

DISENGAGEMENT'S HEALTHY RECOVERY: In a Ma'ariv survey, the percentage of supporters rose to 55%. (disengagement opponents have never passed 38%).

Q. How relevant is the Labor Party primary for disengagement and a peace process? Q. What are the ramifications of a law and order crisis for Abu Mazen's leadership?

Legislative Roundup - June 17, 2005

I. House ForOps Markup - the Bill II. House ForOps - the Markup III. Bills and Resolutions

How do you explain recent polls that show a drop in Israeli public support for disengagement? Where is the debate among Israelis over the true size of the Palestinian population leading?

Discussions from the Bush-Abbas Meeting, and answers on settlement construction, Israeli Government approval and funding, "natural" growth, outposts, and more...

Legislative Roundup - June 10, 2005

I. Foreign Relations Authorization Act (House version) II. Bills and Resolutions III. Wexler on Egypt

June 10, 2005 - Vol. 6, Issue 46

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz met with Palestinian Interior Minister Nasser Yousef this week, and the two agreed on security coordination during the evacuation of settlements. They decided that work groups from both sides would begin to function starting next week.

YNET: "Mutual Reinforcement" by Debra DeLee

APN President & CEO Debra DeLee's OpEd about the upcoming Sharon-Abbas summit which appeared in Israel's YNETnews

...Amir Peretz represents the labor wing of Israel's Labor Party. Is his country ready for a pocketbook primary?

June 6, 2005 CONTACT: Lewis Roth - (202) 728-1893 Washington, D.C.-The Israeli Peace Now movement has released its latest Settlements Watch report on the growth of illegal settlement outposts, veteran West Bank settlements, and settlements in the Gaza Strip, based on research conducted in the first quarter of 2005. The Peace Now study is being released just prior to the June 11th deadline set by the Israeli cabinet for a ministerial committee to deliver a detailed ...

June 6, 2005 - Vol. 6, Issue 45

Israel TV aired a high-profile documentary series on the settlements. "The breath becomes short, the heart is choked with anger..." wrote a reviewer.

Do Bush & Israeli views differ on Gaza's status post-disengagement? How to interpret departing IDF Chief of Staff Yaalon's extreme pessimism?

Op-ed by APN Founder & Policy Director: "The Israeli cabinet voted March 13 to set up a government committee to propose action within 90 days on illegal settlements in the West Bank. June 11 marks the end of the 90-day period. Guess what? There's no sign of a proposal."