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July 2005 Archives

Amona at the Israeli High Court of Justice

Acclaimed Movie and TV Directors at CINE-PEACE

Paul Mazursky and Gene Reynolds strike a pose with Betsy Mazursky

Legislative Roundup - July 22, 2005

I. HR 2601 on the House Floor II. Bush Admin SOP on HR 2601 III. HR 3057 on the Senate Floor IV. New Bills and Resolutions V. APN on Egypt Aid Program VI. On the Record

July 25, 2005 - Vol. 6, Issue 50

Second Thoughts: A survey released last week by Tel Aviv University's Herzog Institute revealed that 57% of Israelis believes the Gaza settlements should never have been created, while 52% said the Gaza settlements have worsened Israel's security.

Q. How would you characterize the anti-disengagement forces? Q. Based on results from a recent ADL survey, why do Europeans see Israel so differently from Americans?

L.A. Times: "Bush's victory-in-waiting"

Jo-Ann Mort, APN Board Member, is the author of this OpEd on how the President needs to keep the heat on both Israelis and Palestinians to achieve peace.

APN endorses Israel's request for additional U.S. aid; offers options to consider making the aid a tool toward an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

July 18, 2005 - Vol. 6, Issue 49

ISRAELI PRESIDENT & JEWISH MAJORITY WANT NEW NEGOTIATIONS: According to the Jerusalem Post, President Moshe Katsav believes the time is ripe to begin permanent status negotiations rather than resort to interim measures. "It would be beneficial both for us and the Palestinians," he said.

Q. ...what are the PA's plans for consolidating control over the areas abandoned by Israel? Q. Where does Abbas stand on the right of return?

AMONA - Chronology of the unauthorized construction

Peace Now details the illegal origins and development of one of the largest outposts in the West Bank

July 11, 2005 - Vol. 6, Issue 48

BOOK `EM, DANO: The Israeli Peace Now movement petitioned the High Court of Justice to pressure the Israeli government to do the unthinkable-actually enforce the law against criminal settlement activity in the wild, wild West Bank.

Q. What are the likely ramifications for Israel and the US re: Iran election of Islamist revolutionary president, Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad? Q. How is Hizballah likely to react to positive changes in Lebanon?

Index and Link to all issues of APN's "Settlements in Focus" Posted on 7/8/05 "'It was a huge mistake,' said Haim Ramon of the Labor Party's decision in the 1970s to settle the Gaza Strip." (Source: Ha'aretz, Feb. 16, 2005) How many settlements are due to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip? All of the settlements in the Gaza Strip are due to be evacuated under the disengagement plan. These settlements are: Name - Est. Population Atzmona - ...

APN Advocacy Ad - July, 2005

full text of ad The question of how to stop Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and other Palestinian terrorist groups has been one of the biggest challenges faced by Israel during the course of the Intifada. While Israeli defense and intelligence services have achieved impressive results in terms of preempting attacks and responding to assaults, overwhelming military force alone has not succeeded in eliminating these organizations. If this tactic had worked, Israel would not ...

Q. ...on Israel coordination with the U.S. of arms exports... Q. Are U.S. immigrants to Israel playing a disproportionate role in anti-disengagement?

Legislative Roundup - July 1, 2005

I. ForOps Update - House; II. ForOps Update - Senate; III. SAC Markup - Spotlight on Egypt; IV. Senate Road Map Hearing - Lugar on the Record; V. Bills & Resolutions VI. On the Record (House ForOps)