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December 2005 Archives

APN Fact Sheet: The World Zionist Congress Elections

Everything you wanted to know about the election where you can influence hundreds of millions of dollars in funding

This recess edition of the Round-Up contains a summary of all Israel- and Middle East- related bills and resolutions introduced thus far in the 109th Congress, as well as references to prior editions of the Round-Up which may have covered them in more detail.

What has gone wrong (with Palestinian elections), and what issues are at stake? Q. ...why is it seemingly so easy for suicide bombers to pass through the West Bank security fence?

Settlements in Focus: Vol. 1, Issue 16 - "The Russians"

An estimated 10% of the West Bank population is from the former Soviet Union...

Is this the year that you "Take Stock in Peace"?

A year-end stock donation to APN will not only help the cause but also increase your income tax savings...

Read and respond to Fein's most recent two essays -- his reflections on Sharon and on the Iraq War and Iranian threat to Israel...

See the invitation to sign the letter, and the letter iteself...

Legislative Roundup - December 20, 2005

Special Mid-Week Edition -- Congress stayed in session throughout the past weekend and wrapped up business on a number of Middle East-related issues

Q. How is PM Sharon's minor stroke likely to affect Israeli politics?

Q. How is the Arab community dealing with changes in Israeli politics?

December 19, 2005 - Vol. 7, Issue 21

THE BUBBLE POPS: According to the Dialog/Haaretz survey (taken prior to Prime Minister Sharon's stroke), the Kadima Party would win 35 seats (down four), Labor would win 24 (up two)

Press Release from Congresswoman Lois Capps regarding "Bipartisan Effort to Urge Engagement in Peace Process"

Legislative Roundup - December 16, 2005

I. Hyde/Capps Dear Colleague II. H. Res. 575 III. APN on H. Res. 575 IV. Bills and Resolutions V. Rice letter cosigners

The Board of Directors of Americans for Peace Now (APN) recently elected a new slate of officers to lead the organization for the next two years.

They promise to make peace. Peace Now makes them deliver.

They promise to make peace. Peace Now makes them deliver.

Legislative Roundup - December 2, 2005

I. Hamas in Congress; II. Hyde/Capps Dear Colleague

NEW ISSUE(12/9/05) - Settlements in Focus

Current Trends in Settlement Construction & Growth

Q. Why do the Israel police seem to have difficulty enforcing the law among the settlers? Q. Take Hebron as a case in point...?

December 12, 2005 - Vol. 7, Issue 20

U.S. Says Palestinians Upholding Their End Of Rafah Deal: At a meeting held by Quartet representatives on Friday in Jerusalem, American officials made clear that-contrary to Israeli claims-the Palestinians are upholding their end of the Rafah deal.

Construction is on the rise in the West Bank on both sides of the "security barrier". Find out more...

Legislative Roundup - December 9, 2005

I. Hyde/Capps Dear Colleague II. APN on Hyde/Capps letter III. Bills and Resolutions IV. On the Record V. Rice letter cosigners

"The next Knesset may finally reflect the views of most Israelis who favor a two-state solution."

APN Supports Hyde-Capps Letter Praising Secretary Rice

APN today sent a letter to Members of the House of Representatives encouraging them to sign a letter in support of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent efforts to successfully broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians on the Rafah border crossing and other matters related to Israeli security and Palestinian freedom of movement.


Q. Which dramatic change in Israeli politics can be termed "strategic"? Q. What are the ramifications of Peres' decision to leave the Labor party after nearly 50 years?

December 5, 2005 - Vol. 7, Issue 29

A Week At The Races: The latest results of Israelis on Knesset elections - Kadima 34; Labor 27; Shas 11; Likud 10...READ MORE

APN Condemns Suicide Bombing in Netanya

12/5/05 - Americans for Peace Now (APN) condemned today's suicide bombing attack in Netanya, Israel that killed at least five people and wounded over 50 others.