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September 2006 Archives

Migron - founded in 2002 - was built illegally on land owned by Palestinian residents of nearby villages.

Q...summarize the outgoing year from the standpoint of Israeli security? Q. Egypt appears to have failed to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza. Why?

APN today challenged the Bush Administration to match its recent rhetoric with diplomatic action following this morning's publication of tenders for new construction in settlements.

APN Wishes for New Year 5767

Grieving Palestinians Save Israeli Lives: A Story of Hope for the New Year

The noted writer/teacher on this complicated period and in support of Americans for Peace Now -- plus link to NEW ESSAY at APN's online "Conversation"

"Time and time again this Administration has unveiled peace initiatives or spoken in lofty terms about the pursuit of peace but failed to invest the political capital in getting the job done," said Debra DeLee, President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now.

Q. How is the war investigation likely to affect Israeli public life? Q. How might the Palestinian unity govt facilitate renewal of a peace process?

Legislative Round-up - September 15, 2006

I. Hold Placed on Lebanon Aid; II. Middle East Policy in the SFRC; III. Dear Colleagues, Bills, Resolutions; IV. Biden in the SFRC on Aid for Lebanon; V. Hagel/Welch on Israel-Palestinian Policy; VI. Sununu/Welch on Lebanon Aid

Q. British PM Tony Blair's visit led to a renewed commitment from PM Olmert to meet with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas...? Q. Five years after 9/11, how do you assess the effect of the American response on the Middle East?

Legislative Round-Up - September 8, 2006

I. Congress on Aid for Lebanon, Israel; II. Spotlight on Cluster Bombs; III. Dear Colleagues, Bills, Resolutions; IV. APN Letter to Bush Re: Syria; V. Feingold on the Record

"Any way you look at it, expanding Israeli settlements is bad policy, now more than ever, and a violation of the Road Map" said Debra DeLee, President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now.

Q. How do you assess the ramifications of the Lebanon ceasefire for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Q. Can you make sense out of the various post-Lebanon commission of inquiry initiatives by the Olmert government and the IDF?