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Action Alerts: May 2010 Archives

Fight for peace talks

Action Alert Peace Talks 2 copy.jpgClick here to ask your senators to stand for peace and join this initiative.

Senator Dianne Feinstein is seeking support from other senators for a strong statement backing the Obama administration's efforts to restart peace talks.

A message of support from the Senate will show the administration that Americans stand with them in the effort to bring peace to Israel.

Help proximity talks succeed

There is good news in the quest for peace for Israel: Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, mediated by Senator George Mitchell, have begun.

These talks are sure to face many obstacles, including the risk that either side will take steps outside of the negotiations that telegraph bad faith. Israel's announcement two months ago that it planned to expand a settlement in East Jerusalem is a clear example of such an action.

There is news on that front, too.

Today APN sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton congratulating the Administration on the launching of indirect Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and urging the Administration to hold firm in its commitment to hold the parties accountable if they act to undermine peace efforts.  APN urged the Administration to do so regardless of any outside pressure to the contrary, particularly with respect to Jerusalem. The actual letter can be viewed/downloaded here:letter to Clinton on Proximity Talks Opening.pdf.   Text of the letter after the jump.