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Action Alerts: June 2010 Archives

Letters to the editor map - blue star2 186x140.jpgThe APN Action Alert: "Looking ahead after the flotilla disaster" asking for you to write letters to the editor resulted in many being published across the country.

Thanks for your activism.  You are helping to shape public opinion and are making a difference.

Getting past blame on Gaza flotilla

Both supporters and detractors of Israel are engaged in an ugly contest over who is to blame for the tragic outcome of Israel's attempt Monday to intercept ships traveling to Gaza as part of an international aid flotilla.

We've got to get past this culture of blame.

At the root of this disaster is the effort to restrict the flow of people and goods to Gaza. This effort was initiated by Israel (and supported by the Bush administration) after Hamas came to power. This policy failed to improve Israeli security. Nor did it weaken Hamas.

It is time to change course.