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Action Alerts: January 2011 Archives

Stand for peace. Prevent U.S. veto of UN settlements resolution.

SusanRice320x265.jpgA key resolution on Israel and the peace process is now before the UN Security Council. The resolution embraces negotiations, endorses the two-state solution, and condemns Israeli settlement activity.

We need your help to make sure that the Obama administration doesn't veto the resolution.

Write to Susan Rice, America's ambassador to the United Nations and a long-time friend and adviser to President Barack Obama.

Defend Israel's peace and human rights groups

action_alert_140x180.gifKnesset Member Michael Ben-Ari suggested last week that those who support organizations like Peace Now are "the greatest Israel haters" and to threaten that the Knesset will pass a law to "eradicate" peace groups and to target their funding. "Such a germ can destroy Israeli society," he said.

Write Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Tell her to put Israel on notice that America is concerned about the deterioration of democracy.