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Action Alerts: May 2011 Archives

Tell Congress to get past blame

action_alert_186x140.jpgToday, Tuesday, May 24, AIPAC supporters will be on the Hill lobbying Congress to support resolutions - H. Res. 268 and S. Res. 185 - taking the Palestinians to task for seeking UN recognition and for trying to put together a new government that can govern both Gaza and the West Bank.

These resolutions will no doubt be sold as the "pro-Israel" thing for Congress to do. But, rather than promote Israel's interests or peace, the resolutions seem to be primarily about casting blame.  That's no way to support Israel.
We need your help to tell Congress not to score political points at the expense of Israeli-Palestinian peace.  

Presidential leadership needed

George_Mitchell_w_Logo320x265.jpgThe White House just announced that George Mitchell is stepping down from his role as President Barack Obama's special Mideast peace envoy.

The news follows reports of a dispute within the administration over how aggressively President Obama should push for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Mitchell was said to be pressing for a more hands-on approach. No doubt, some will say that Mitchell's departure means that the administration is backing off the issue. But this doesn't have to be true. A shake up in the president's Mideast team could open the door for the direct personal engagement of the president himself.

Today, we need your help to show the president that Americans want him to reassert U.S. leadership.