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Action Alerts: March 2012 Archives

Tell Congress to Support Iran Diplomacy, not Iran War

congress320x265.jpgRecently, we asked you to contact your members of Congress to tell them that AIPAC and its supporters don't speak for you when they call for ever-more belligerent U.S. policy on Iran.

Since we sent you that original action alert, there has been an important development: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) introduced HR 4173, the "Prevent Iran from Acquiring Nuclear Weapons and Stop War through Diplomacy Act." This extremely constructive legislation calls for sustained, robust U.S. diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis with Iran, including calling for the appointment of a high-level United States representative or special envoy for Iran.

Tell Congress AIPAC doesn't speak for you on Iran and Israel

congress186x139.jpgRecently, thousands of activists were on Capitol Hill, brought there by AIPAC. They told members of Congress and their staff that they speak for all Americans, and especially American Jews, who care about Israel. These activists told Congress, in effect, to call for war with Iran. They also sent a message that achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace shouldn't be a priority.

Contact your own members of Congress today to tell them: AIPAC's activists don't speak for me.

ObamaSpeech186x140.jpgIn a few days, President Obama will be speaking in front of thousands of people gathered in Washington for the annual AIPAC policy conference. The day after his speech he will be meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House. It is vital that President Obama hear from you before these events.

Right now, given election politics, it is unrealistic to expect any dramatic U.S. initiative to try to break the Israeli-Palestinian deadlock. And for the same reason, President Obama is now under tremendous pressure to "walk back" many of the pro-Israel, pro-peace positions he has staked out over the past three years. Moreover, as the drums of war with Iran beat ever louder in Congress and from AIPAC, Obama is under pressure to lower the bar for U.S. military action against Iran.

Tell President Obama to stay committed to his pro-Israel, pro-peace positions, and his responsible approach on Iran.