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Recently in Advocacy Ads

APN Ad: "It is not a dream, if we will it"

hour_snip.pngAmericans for Peace Now placed a large ad in a special supplement that the Israeli daily Haaretz published this week to mark the 150th birthday of Theodore Herzl, the visionary Zionist who kicked off the process that lead to the birth of the state of Israel.

Peace Now Ad in Ha'aretz - "No Stone Unturned"

Peace Now Ad - Bulldozer3 186x140.jpgEhud Barak on November 10, 2009: "We will not leave a single stone unturned in the effort to return to negotiations"

Small Text in Picture: "Construction in the settlement of Kiryat Arba (Hebron), October 2009"

APN Ad for August, 2009

Take what the ad says to heart (and fingers), and share your ideas by way of a comment here, and especially in response to the many posts in the Peace Now Blog and other items on the Website.


APN Ad for June, 2009

The ad utilizes a quote from President Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt...

APN Ad for May 2009

The ad was placed at the time of Prime Minister Netanyahu's meeting with President Obama in the White House
Go HERE to see the entire ad...

APN Passover Ad

It takes the courage and foresight of a Nachshon to step into uncertain waters and to realize that standing still is not an option...

February 2009 APN Ad

On February 10, the Yisrael Beiteinu party, led by serial provocateur Avigdor Lieberman, won 12% of the Israeli vote...
Avigdor Leiberman

January, 2009 Ad

In honor of the innauguration of President Obama

December 2008 Ad

APN responds to what Prime Minister Olmert called a "pogrom"