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This week, Alpher discusses Netanyahu's meetings this week with Hollande, Putin, and Kerry to discuss the prospective Iran nuclear agreement, a possible revival of the French-Israeli alliance of the 1950s and 60s, how Netanyahu could allow tenders for planning 24,000 additional settlement units to be published last week, considering how sensitive the current juncture is for Israel's international relations, and whether there was something unique or particularly worrisome about the latest "price tag" attack launched against Palestinians by extremist settlers in the West Bank.


This week, Alpher discusses Netanyahu's opposition to an interim nuclear deal with Iran and its consequent strain on the US-Israel relationship, the Israeli perception of a link between the Iranian nuclear issue and the Palestinian issue, the emergence of an ad hoc alliance between France, Israel and the Saudis and Emirates on Iran, who disagrees over what at this juncture, a rating of Netanyahu's overall performance on this issue in recent days, how will Avigdor Lieberman's acquittal and return to his post as foreign minister. affect Israel's foreign relations and how will it affect coalition politics in the Netanyahu government,

Alpher186x140.jpgAlpher discusses the significance of the Levy committee report, the fate of Olmert in politics, and the possibility of a near-term Israeli military strike against Iran.

When She's Sixty-four?


As the Master of Ceremonies at Jerusalem's Mount Herzl announced the end of Yom HaZikaron, Israel's solemn Memorial Day, and ushered in Yom Ha'Atzma'ut, Independence Day, millions of Israelis, having just ended a day of remembrance and mourning for the fallen, are sweeping the streets to celebrate their country's 64th birthday.

APN Newsletter - Spring 2010

APN Spring Newsletter Graphic 365x240.jpgThe Newsletter includes a photo gallery of APN and Peace Now activities, events and guest speakers, "News Shorts" and a special interview.

Spring - 2009

Includes news, photos, and APN's special 2009 Haggadah insert for Passover

Fall 2008

Includes essays on "A Pro-Israel President", Book Reviews, Interview with Leonard Fein, APN News, and more

APN Newsletter - Spring 2008

Includes: Reflections on Israel at 60, News Shorts, Book Reviews, and Photo Gallery

APN Newsletter - Fall 2007

Includes news, photos, book reviews, and essays for the Jewish High Holiday Season

Spring 2007

The newly designed APN Newsletter includes a special section "Perspectives on the 40th Anniversary of the Six Day War"