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Articles: July 2012 Archives

Hagit_Rabin_Rally_Collage186x140.jpgInstead of tax hikes - stop indulging the settlements

dani-dayan_op-ed186x140.jpgToday's New York Times features an op-ed by Dani Dayan, the head of the Yesha Council (the group that represents settlers and their interests). There isn't really any news here: it shouldn't surprise anyone that the settlers want the world to believe that settlements are good, peace efforts are pointless, and that the way forward should be premised on leaving all settlements in place, and leaving the West Bank under Israeli control, in perpetuity. Nonetheless, it is worth examining some representative snippets from this high profile op-ed.

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for_shame186x140.jpg"It's not about shame. It's about mutual responsibility... Segal says that American Jews are not obligated to call out injustice wherever they see it. But do the sages agree? The above passage suggests that Jews are obligated to rebuke, especially other Jews, whenever they see evil done, regardless of who is doing it."

Back Room Analysis on the Levy Report

Levy_Netanyahu_Collage_Library186x140.jpgThe Levy Report has generated an astonishing number of responses.  Having trouble keeping abreast of all the important details? APN is your one-stop resource for information and analysis.

We will update as new items become available. Check back periodically and see what's fresh!

APN_AFTP_Interns186x140.jpgA former IDF medical officer and a Palestinian from a refugee camp are seeing the conflict in a whole new way this summer.

WASHINGTON -- When Waleed Issa walked into the Americans for Peace Now (APN) Washington, DC office on the first day of his summer internship in June, the 25-year-old Palestinian from the Dheisheh refugee camp south of Bethlehem was startled by what he saw.