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Blog: January 2008 Archives

Program with Scott Lasensky - U.S. Institute of Peace

Lasensky is co-author of "Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace: American Leadership in the Middle East"
Forward Columnist Leonard Fein will be the keynote speaker

Olmert - Peace Talk vs. Peace Walk

Olmert? One wants to believe his passion for peace, often stated in elegant and even eloquent terms. The motive doesn't much matter. Maybe it's his Peace Now wife and kids, maybe it's a genuine conviction that time is working against Israel, maybe it's his way of redeeming a reputation so badly tattered by the Lebanon war. Whatever the motive, the words are encouraging.

Activists' Seminar

Comments from Eyal Raviv, participant in this special Shalom Achshav seminar held in December 2007

Ranking very high in value, Bitter Lemons is a periodic exchange of views on Israel/Palestine. It is co-edited by Yossi Alpher, a veteran commentator on these matters with an extensive background on Israeli security and Ghassan Khatib, vice-president of Birzeit University and a former Palestinian Authority minister of planning.

The lengthy exchange that follows, from the January 14 on-line edition of Bitter Lemons, is particularly interesting. As is the tradition at Bitter Lemons - indeed, its purpose - it presents very divergent views. I thank Yossi Alpher for granting us permission to reprint the exchange in full.

Information regarding subscriptions to Bitter Lemons is available at

Program on "What Makes an Army Jewish?"

Two IDF veterans speak on "Ethics and Tradition: the IDF in an Age of Checkpoints, Village Sweeps and Targeted Killings"

Peace Now Protest at Migron Outpost

In Memory of Benjamin "Bib" Brown

Founder of APN Sarasota Florida died in his 100th year

"Second Track Peacemaking": The South African Experience

This week, a significant departure from our usual format. I've recently read a piece by Ron Kraybill, who is Quaker International Affairs Representative in the Middle East and Senior Advisor on Peacebuilding and Diplomacy of the American Friends Service Committee. He blogs at (link has expired)

I've had mixed feelings over the years regarding "second track" peacemaking. But the Kraybill account of the South African experience is, in my view, riveting - and, just maybe, a precedent?

I thank Dr. Kraybill for permitting us to publish his essay here.

"On the Eve of Bush's Visit, The Time has Come to Remove the Outposts"