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Blog: March 2008 Archives

Go HERE to watch the March 31, 2008, headline news from Israel's which begins with a feature on settlement building.

Every Mideast peace plan acknowledges that the actual cost of resettling a substantial number of Israeli settlers in the West Bank will be very high. That is so whether they are resettled in pre-1967 Israel or in settlement blocs that may remain intact according to agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. It is generally assumed that those costs will in large measure be picked up by America and the EU.

This Passover -- Reject Hate, Embrace Hope

APN provides a special reading to include in your Passover Seder...
Gershon Baskin and Hanna Siniora of IPCRI, the respected, Jerusalem-based, joint Israeli-Palestinian think tank aimed at resolving the conflict.

Mourning, Again

Mourning, again.

And then: Want to unite the Jewish people? Lots of luck. Below, you will find some - just some - of the currently 24,300 items that come up when you Google "reactions to yeshiva killings." The blogosphere careens all over the place, and I begin with some reasonably (if largely unreasonable) examples, most neither requiring nor deserving comment. I turn then to a few of the more substantial responses and consider their meaning and import.

Peace Now's demo was held outside the Israel Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv proclaiming "there is no military solution to the Qassams"
May 7th event features a memorial service and star-studded cultural performance at Radio City Music Hall