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An anti-democratic onslaught

Peace Now is again under attack. 

Today's attackers are not rightwing terrorists but rather members of the Israeli Knesset, the very people  entrusted with protecting Israeli democracy 

The latest in an onslaught of anti-democratic bills presented to the Knesset is directed chiefly at Peace Now's litigation efforts regarding West Bank settlement construction. The bill, made public yesterday, would disallow petitions against the Israeli government to Israel's High Court by "public petitioners" such as Peace Now, unless they petition alongside a private individual who is harmed by government policies. 

The bill's co-sponsors explicitly singled out Peace Now as an organization that their bill is targeting.  

Peace Now goes to the courts in order to curtail illegal West Bank settlement construction that jeopardizes the two-state solution. It petitions the Court on settlements-related issues also in order to provide immediate relief to West Bank and East Jerusalem Palestinians suffering from violations of their human and civil rights. 

This new bill is only one example of the efforts that members of Binyamin Netanyahu's own Likud Party are making not only to crush Israel's civil society but also to clip the wings of the Supreme Court, the bastion of Israeli democracy.

Earlier this week the Israeli cabinet approved two bills directed at strangling Israel's peace and human rights groups by severely restricting their foreign funding. Pending bills target not only Israel's civil society but also its free press and its process of appointing Supreme Court justices.