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APN Condemns Murder of Israeli West Bank Settler, Calls on Israel to Prevent Revenge Attacks

Washington, DC - Americans for Peace Now (APN) condemns the killing of an Israeli civilian in the West Bank by a Palestinian assailant, who has been arrested. This murder -- the first of its kind since 2011-- cannot be justified for any reason.  Such acts of violence are immoral and unjustifiable.  The victim, a 30 year-old resident of the settlement of Yitzhar, leaves behind a wife and 5 children.

APN also condemns the ongoing wave of violence launched by Israeli settlers against innocent Palestinian civilians in the aftermath of this murder, including an attack on a Palestinian school bus that injured two young Palestinian girls.  This vigilante behavior - the latest example of years of so-called "price tag" violence by settlers - is as morally indefensible as violence perpetrated by Palestinians or anyone else.  It is incumbent on Israeli authorities to combat settler violence against Palestinians with no less seriousness than it treats Palestinian violence against Israelis.