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APN Congratulates President Obama on his Reelection


Washington, DC - Americans for Peace Now (APN) today sent the following letter to President Barack Obama, congratulating him on his reelection:

Dear President Obama:
On behalf of Americans for Peace Now (APN), we warmly congratulate you on your election to a second term as President of the United States of America. We wish you success in using your second term in office to make America stronger both at home and abroad. We know that there are many pressing issues today, both domestic and foreign.  In that context, we urge you to move boldly to advance peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
Shortly after you became president four years ago, you wisely declared that achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace is a vital U.S. national interest. That assessment not only remains accurate today, but the issue has become more urgent.
We recognize that the challenges that this issue poses are enormous. Nonetheless, the stakes are higher than ever. 
Failure to strike an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in the coming four years could well mean the loss of the two-state solution, opening the door for endemic instability, violence, and the loss of Israel's unique character as both a democracy and a Jewish state. Failure to achieve such a deal would further erode our country's standing in the Middle East and the international arena, undermine U.S. and international efforts to curb Iran's nuclear ambitions, and complicate U.S. efforts to address the challenges of a Middle East that is in the midst of serious political upheaval.
Your second term in office offers an historic opportunity to push for Israeli-Palestinian peace. We urge you to resolutely pursue this goal, and we pledge to work indefatigably to mobilize American friends of Israel in support of your efforts.

James B. Klutznick            Debra DeLee   
Chairman of the Board        President and CEO