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APN to Pro-Israel US Groups: Condemn Political Violence in Israel

Washington, DC - Americans for Peace Now calls on pro-Israel US organizations to take a stand, publicly and vociferously, against Israeli political violence and in support of democracy, tolerance and political pluralism in the Jewish State.
APN especially calls on fellow American Jewish organizations to condemn the attacks on Israel's Peace Now movement, which include repeated death threats, vandalizing and harassment.

On Sunday night, Jewish terrorists made a bomb threat against Peace Now's Jerusalem offices. On Monday night, they spray-painted death threats at the home of one of Peace Now's staff members. Among other things, the graffiti said, "Rabin awaits you," referring to the late prime minister who was assassinated by a Jewish terrorist sixteen years ago.
APN's President and CEO Debra DeLee said: "On the eve of Israel's official Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day, anyone who cares about Israel must voice his or her concern for Israeli democracy loud and clear. In particular, leaders of American Jewish organizations from across the political spectrum must reject and denounce the use of threats or violence - whether in the United States or in Israel - in an effort to intimidate any Jewish organization or silence any Jewish voice. This is not about Right or Left. It is about right and wrong. Neither democracy nor the rule of law - nor the Jewish values that we all hold dear - can be reconciled with such actions. No Jew should have cause to fear, especially from a fellow Jew, for speaking or following his or her conscience."