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Peace Now tells contractors: Don't invest in West Bank

Peace Now Protests at Settlement Contractor Meeting...

When the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim held a meeting on February 9, 2007, to entice contractors to invest in construction in the settlement, Peace Now took action.

Peace Now dispatched its activists to the meeting, where they handed out flyers to the contractors and explained Peace Now's opposition to construction in settlements. Eventually, local police peacefully removed the Peace Now activists.

Peace Now and Americans for Peace Now have long opposed settlements because they constitute a burden to Israel's security services, create points of friction between Israelis and Palestinians, drain Israel's financial resources, and indicate to Palestinians that Israel is not interested in a two-state solution.

The Peace Now flyer pictured above was distributed at the meeting. It reads:

Contractor, Stop!

You are about to build on occupied land.

This Construction is Destructive!

You raise the walls of hate and build an obstacle to peace.

You might make some money, but we will all pay the price.

Don't contribute to the building of the third Intifada!

Build within the State of Israel.