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Syrian Ambassador to Pro-Israel Group: Peace Accord with Syria Could Lead to Israeli Peace with Arab World

Syria's ambassador to Washington Imad Moustapha gave a rare interview with a pro-Israel American organization, speaking with APN Spokesman Ori Nir
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Washington, D.C - In a rare interview with a pro-Israel American organization, Syria's ambassador to Washington Imad Moustapha said that his country is seeking a comprehensive peace with Israel, "within a normalized context." He said that signing a peace treaty with Syria could pave the way for Israel to reach peace with the entire Arab world.

In an interview with APN spokesman Ori Nir, Ambassador Moustapha said that the current talks between Israel and Syria are "a historic opportunity of making peace with not only Syria and Lebanon, because we believe that in a way or another Syria plays the role of a gatekeeper between Israel and the Arab world."

Reports of the interview led radio newscasts in Israel today and were prominently carried on all of Israel's news internet sites. (Go HERE for articles on this significant interview)

The U.S. government is currently not involved in the indirect peace talks taking place between Israel and Syria under Turkey's auspices. APN, a Jewish, Zionist organization dedicated to enhancing Israel's security through peace and to supporting the Israeli Peace Now movement, has been calling on the Bush administration to fully and actively support these negotiations and to do its best to advance the talks toward a successful conclusion.

"I was impressed by the ambassador's candor," said interviewer Nir, "let's hope that the Bush administration picks up on this encouraging signal of Syrian determination to pursue peace."

According to Ambassador Moustapha, Syria's leaders "have been telling the Israelis for the past fifteen years: We want to make peace. We believe in a fair and comprehensive peace with you." He added, "the only way forward - there is no third alternative - is to sit with us and make a peace agreement."

Ambassador Moustapha also said: "We at the state of Syria are telling the state of Israel that we desire to end the state of war between us, to conclude peace between two states, to recognize each other and to live as peaceful neighbors with each other, within a normalized context. We think this is a very serious proposal (.) here is the grand thing on offer: let us sit together, let us make peace, let us end once and for all the state of war" between the two countries.

The interview with Dr. Moustapha, hours before he left Washington for routine consultations in Damascus, is one in a series of interviews conducted by APN in an attempt to explore prospects and impediments to progress toward peace between Israel and its neighbors. The full recording of APN's interview with Ambassador Moustapha - as well as other recent webcasts - can be found here