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Peace Now Calls the Public to a Mass Demonstration in Tel Aviv

Call upon the government to end the action in Gaza; a ceasefire that is in Israel's own interest

On Saturday, January 10, 2009, Peace Now will be holding a mass demonstration at 19:30 opposite the Ministry of Defence, Tel Aviv
The demonstrators will call upon the government to end the action in Gaza, and to call upon the mainstream Israeli public to join us in demanding a ceasefire that is in Israel's own interest.

Since the first days of the war the Israeli Peace Camp has found itself faced in a complicated situation.

On one hand the left wing supports the moves to act militarily against a terror group that calls for the destruction of the state of Israel, has implicitly spurned any peace moves and has for years attacked the southern regions of Israel with barrages of rockets.

However the Peace Camp is still convinced that they only way to resolve the conflict in the region is through political moves, and the realization of the two state solution.
Lessons from wars in the past decade have clearly shown that it is impossible to overcome terror groups only through military means alone, and that there is no easy way to defeat Hamas or Hezbollah,
In addition, even if the war against Hamas is justified, it is impossible to ignore the terrible death, destruction and suffering this war has caused to people of Gaza.

However the Israeli public discourse is very concerned with its own wellbeing and has almost entirely focused on the effect of the war in its own villages, towns and neighborhoods that are suffering from rocket attacks.
The radical left that have since the beginning of the war has protested, in a sometimes explicit manner, against the state of Israel and seemingly in support of the Palestinians.

In the past week Peace Now activists have begun to call upon the center left, Zionist public and supporters, to join in the call for an immediate ceasefire, and to create a consensus among the Israeli public that the time has come to end the military action, and seek political alternatives to the war with Hamas.

With this in mind Peace Now has published ads in the national newspapers, hung posters in the major cities and distributed flyers with this message.