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AUDIO NOW: APN Capitol Hill Event: "Where to from Here? Prospects under the Obama Administration and in the wake of the Gaza war"

Listen to a recording of the the APN program held on Jan. 13 featuring a diverse and expert panel
'Where to from Here' Panel
Speakers' bios are listed below the audio links...

Part 1: Opening Remarks and Introductions by Debra DeLee, APN President & CEO; Remarks by Yoram Peri, Tel Aviv University (currently visiting Professor of Israeli Studies at American Univ.) (14 min., 16 sec.)

Part 2: Amjad Atallah, Co-Director, Middle East Task Force, New America Foundation (12 min., 5 sec.)

Part 3: Ghaith al-Omari, Advocacy Director for the American Task Force on Palestine; Response from Amjad Atallah (15 min., 25 sec.)

Part 4: Andrew Whitley, Director of the Representative Office of the  United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestine Refugees in the Near East  (12 min., 30 sec.)

Part 5: Q&A with Yoram Peri re: calling for a cease-fire in Gaza-Southern Israel (8 min., 19 sec.)

Part 6: Q&A on Obama Administration role re: Gaza civilian assistance (11 min., 13 sec.)

Part 7: Q&A on political strategy for Gaza, war aims of Hamas and Israel, U.S. role in intervening/brokering a solution - Yoram Peri Responds (10 min., 22 sec.)

Part 8: Q&A: Amjad Atallah on U.S. role in saving civilian lives and reconciling the two nationalisms at conflict. (7 min., 31 sec.) 

Part 9: Q&A: Gaith al'Omari on Hamas' objectives/Palestinian & Andrew Whitley re: larger context of political resolution (8 min., 43 sec.)

Speaker Bios:

Yoram Peri, currently a visiting professor for Israel Studies at the American University.  Peri is Head of the Rothschild Caesarea School of Communication, head of Chaim Herzog Institute for Media, Politics and Society and professor of Political Sociology and Communication at Tel Aviv University. A former political advisor to the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Peri was also former Editor-in-chief of the Israeli daily newspaper Davar. He has published numerous books on Israeli politics, the media, and the military, including "Between Battles and Ballots: Israel Military in Politics," "Telepopulism: Media and Politics in Israel" (2004), "Brothers at War: Rabin's Assassination and the Cultural war in Israel" (2005), and "Generals in the Cabinet Room: How the Military Shapes Israeli Policy" (2006, published by the United States Institute of Peace).

Amjad Atallah, Co-Director, Middle East Task Force, New America Foundation.  Atallah is also a Senior Affiliated Expert with the Public International Law and Policy Group.  Prior to working at the New America Foundation, Mr. Atallah headed Strategic Assessments Initiative, a not-for-profit organization committed to providing legal and policy assistance to parties involved in negotiations in conflict and post-conflict situations.  Mr. Atallah's efforts included running the international policy and advocacy efforts of the Save Darfur Coalition, advising the Kosovar constitutional process, and preparing scenario planning exercises for the Palestinians and Israelis.  Prior to that, Atallah advised the Palestinian negotiating team in peace negotiations with Israel on the issues of international borders, security, and constitutional issues.  He was also responsible for liaising with US government officials in Washington, D.C. on these issues. 

Ghaith al-Omari, Advocacy Director for the American Task Force on Palestine.  Previously, al-Omari served in various senior positions within the Palestinian Authority, including Foreign Policy Advisor to the Palestinian President, Director of the International Relations Department in the Office of the Palestinian President, and Senior Advisor to former Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas. He was a member of the Palestinian negotiating team throughout the permanent status negotiations (1999-2001) and was the lead Palestinian drafter of the Geneva Initiative.

Andrew Whitley, Director of the Representative Office of UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. He previously served with UNRWA as Director of External Relations, based in Gaza. In the course of a 13-year career with the UN, Whitley has also held senior positions in Geneva with the UN Conference on Trade and Development, and in East Timor and Kosovo with the UN administrations responsible for those territories. Earlier, Whitley was the founding director of Middle East Watch, now Human Rights Watch/Middle East and North Africa, which he led from 1990-1994. He began his long career in the Middle East as a journalist, first with the BBC and later the Financial Times.

Debra DeLee, President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now.  DeLee was the CEO of the 1996 Democratic National Convention, the Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee (1993) and the Chair of the DNC (1994). She also worked previously as the Director of Government Relations for the National Education Association, serving as their Chief Lobbyist and the Director of their PAC and as Special Assistant to former Senator Bob Graham during his first term as Governor of Florida.