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Peace Now Demonstration in Jerusalem: "Only a Peace Agreement Can Beat Hamas!"

A spontaneous gathering was held by Peace Now on 1-18-09 after the announcement of the Israel-Hamas cease-fire

 "Only peace can beat Hamas"


"Only a political agreement can end the violence"

These were prominent slogans at the spontaneous Peace Now gathering on January 18, 2009, outside the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem following the announcement of a ceasefire by both Israel and Hamas.

At the time of the rally, the Prime Minister was hosting the heads of state of France, Britain, Germany and other European countries who had attended a summit on the region's conflict only hours earlier in Egypt.
The activists rallied to demand that the Prime Minister now take this opportunity to forge ahead with real peace negotiations with the Palestinians.  Peace Now believes that the success of this latest round of conflict with Hamas is dependant on what will be the government's policy the day after the ceasefire.