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APN Celebrates Obama Inauguration; Urges Immediate Attention to Mideast

APN today warmly congratulated President Obama as America's forty-fourth president and urged him to immediately help Israel and its neighbors advance toward peace.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 20, 2009
CONTACT:  Ori Nir - (202) 728-1893

Washington, D.C. - Americans for Peace Now (APN) today warmly congratulated President Obama on his first day as America's forty-fourth president and urged President Obama to immediately help Israel and its neighbors advance toward peace. 

"Today, more than ever, the Middle East needs the kind of determined and committed leadership and the kind of credible engagement that President Obama can and should deliver. Everything that the President has said and done on this issue so far  suggests that he will act without delay to switch the region from the current track of war and conflict to one that leads toward peace and security," said Debra DeLee, President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now, America's leading pro-Israel, pro-peace organization. "We pledge to do whatever we can to help him." 

"Israelis and their Arab neighbors are looking to President Obama as a manifestation of hope and change. They are yearning for leadership and vision, for a fresh start, after so many years of bloodshed. We implore Obama to seize the moment and immediately take the first steps on the path toward peace," said DeLee. APN recently published a Middle East Blueprint for the first 100 days of the Obama administration. The Blueprint, available on APN's web site, lays out a set of specific measures that the President can and should take from his very first day in office.

"Taking immediate action will set the tone of President Obama's Mideast policy for the coming years and send a clear message to the region's leaders: America is serious about peace and it expects you to get serious as well," said DeLee.

DeLee added: "Our new commander-in-chief, supported by his new foreign policy team, enjoys a rare opportunity to immediately start restoring our nation's standing worldwide, especially in the Middle East. Obama has a clear mandate from the American people and from America's pro-Israel community to reclaim the traditional U.S. role as leading the world's efforts to achieve Middle East peace."

APN is a Jewish, Zionist organization dedicated to enhancing Israel's security through peace and to supporting the Israeli Peace Now movement.