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"Jerusalem and Israel-Palestine Peace: What Should President Obama Do?" featuring Daniel Seidemann

Come hear Seidemann, Israeli lawyer and Jerusalem expert on Friday, February 6, 12 noon

Americans for Peace Now, the Foundation for Middle East Peace, & the Middle East Institute invite you to a presentation and discussion with


"Jerusalem and Israel-Palestine Peace: What Should President Obama Do?"

Friday, February 6, 2009
noon-- 2:00pm
Middle East Institute, Boardman Room
1761 N Street, NW, Washington, DC

A light lunch will be served.
Please RSVP to:

Daniel Seidemann is an Israeli lawyer and legal counsel to Ir Amim, an Israeli organization concerned with the future of Jerusalem. He is widely recognized as the foremost expert on Jerusalem's municipal operations, planning, resource allocation, residency rights and property management. His connections throughout the city provide him with the data that for years have made him an invaluable resource for U.S. policy makers, diplomats and journalists alike. Seidemann has appeared before the Supreme Court of Israel on numerous occasions on Jerusalem-related issues.

In his upcoming visit to North America, Danny will discuss the current state of affairs in Jerusalem - both in terms of political developments and construction/planning on the ground - and how this relates to the new Obama Administration's effort to re-engage seriously on the Israeli-Palestinian peace track. He will focus in particular on emerging or anticipated developments that, if unchecked, could seriously threaten the two-state solution by making a negotiated agreement on Jerusalem impossible.