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APN Backs Clinton's Calls for Israel to Stop Settlements and for Arab States to Support Peace Efforts

APN joined the call for Israel to take action to stop settlement construction; praised Clinton for demanding the Palestinians and Arab governments take parallel action to support peace efforts...
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Washington, D.C - Americans for Peace Now (APN) today joined Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's call for Israel to take action to stop settlement construction in the West Bank. APN praised Clinton for demanding that the Palestinians and the Arab governments take parallel action to support efforts for comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

"Secretary Clinton is right that a settlement freeze is a necessary catalyst for serious and successful peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians," said APN's president and CEO, Debra DeLee. "Palestinians must keep their part of the deal and stop violence and incitement to violence. Arab states must do more to make peace a reality," DeLee said. "If each side rises to the occasion to create the atmosphere conducive to serious negotiations - without conditions and excuses - then Israelis and their neighbors could at last see the horizon of peace and security that they so deserve."

APN is America's leading organization advocating for Middle East peace. Alongside its Israeli sister organization, Peace Now, it has long called for all the players in the region to take the measures necessary for meaningful peace negotiations. APN applauds the Obama administration for its strong leadership in efforts to reaching that goal.