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Daniel Seidemann and Ronit Avni on the threat of Israeli settlements to the two-state solution

seidemann event 2-6-2013-186x140.jpg

On February 6, Americans for Peace Now sponsored, Together with the Foundation for Middle East Peace, Just Vision, and the Telos Group, a special event on the threat that Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem are posing to the two-state solution.

The event featured Jerusalem expert Daniel Seidemann of Terrestrial Jerusalem and Ronit Avni, the founder and executive director of Just Vision. Danny and Ronit addressed the issues and commented on a new film produced by Just Vision about Israeli settlements in the East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

Click here to listen to Danny and Ronit's comments

The video above is Danny, at E-1, explaining why settlement construction there would make the two-state solution impossible.