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Did you know?

1. In early December 2012, the Israeli government announced plans to advance the construction of settlements in the E1 area of the West Bank, as well as to authorize the building of thousands of new settlement units in East Jerusalem. E-1 is a sensitive area in the West Bank and settlement construction there would endanger the two-state solution. If Israel builds in E1, it will cut East Jerusalem off from its West Bank surroundings and effectively bifurcate the West Bank.
For more information about E-1, please link here and to know the truth about what's going on in the settlements, make sure you download our MapApp.

2. Surprise! Daniel Ayalon, who as Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister was among the leaders of the diplomatic fight against the Palestinians' UN bid, recently said: "Israel should acknowledge Palestine as a full member of the UN. Israel will give sovereignty and independence to Palestinians and in return they will recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people." -Don't believe me? Check out our free, daily Israeli news roundup: NewsNosh, for February 10th. To stay current on what Israelis are focused on every day, sign up for News Nosh, and have it delivered, free, to your inbox, daily. We don't sell our lists, and we don't sell our viewpoint.

3. Believe it or not, true. They're not negotiating for peace, obviously, but despite all the posturing, they are negotiating over security arrangements on Gaza's border with Israel and on other technical matters.

4. True. Irony alert, eh? For more information "They Say, We Say," a roundup of arguments that extremists make about why we can't make peace - and the responses to their claims.

5. Yeah, another lefty dove, Netanyahu's national security advisor, Yaakov Amidror, one of Israel's chief security hawks. He was quoted by Haaretz as saying that "It's impossible to explain the issue of settlement construction anyplace in the world,"... "It's impossible to explain this matter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel or even to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Construction in the settlements has become a diplomatic problem and is causing Israel to lose support even among its friends in the West." Check it out here at our free, daily Israeli news roundup: NewsNosh, for February 7th. This is what Israelis are obsessing about - why aren't you? Sign up for News Nosh, and have it delivered, free, to your inbox, daily.