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Don't let the spoilers decide

Moments ago I sent out the following call to action to APN's network of activists:

Dear Friend,

The violence you and I have heard about in Jerusalem over the past several weeks raises the fear that the moment of opportunity for peace created by President Barack Obama will be eclipsed be a resumption of wide-scale hostilities.

Americans for Peace Now is a leader in articulating policies that promote peace for Israel. On Friday, Haaretz published an op-ed co-authored by APN's Lara Friedman outlining the steps that Israel, the Palestinians, and the international community could take to return calm to Jerusalem.

This article is a must read! Click here to read it on the Haaretz website.

As Lara and her co-author - Danny Seidemann - explain, the tension in Jerusalem is being fed by extremists who want to spoil the chances for progress towards peace. But peace for Israel is too important for us to let the extremists dictate reality.

Click here to write President Obama.

Now is the time for us to tell President Obama to carry through with his push to renew meaningful negotiations.


Noam Shelef
Director of Strategic Communications
Americans for Peace Now