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Giving Thanks for Hagit

Hagit Ofran, Peace Now's Settlements Watch director, has repeatedly been targeted by Jewish terrorists. Just two weeks ago, they painted death threats on her home. But Hagit refuses to give up on Yitzhak Rabin's dream of Israeli-Palestinian peace. In response to the attacks, she delivered the keynote address at the annual rally marking the anniversary of Prime Minister Rabin's tragic assassination.

Click below to watch Hagit's remarkable speech.

Hagit embodies what Americans for Peace Now has been fighting for: A Jewish democratic Israel with internationally-recognized borders, and an end to its occupation of another people. 

Standing before tens of thousands of Israelis in Tel Aviv, Hagit told the crowd: "It is precisely in the darkest hour that you need a flashlight to illuminate all that others are trying to silence and conceal. But a flashlight needs a charger and a battery."

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