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How will renewed settlement construction play in your hometown?

Israel is considering ending the moratorium on new settlement construction in September.

This would be bad for Israel and bad for peace: Settlement construction undermines faith in peace talks. Settlements constitute a burden to Israel's security services. They create points of friction between Israelis and Palestinians. And they drain Israel's financial resources.

For these reasons, APN activists have worked together to convince Washington to press for a continuation of the moratorium.

Now, it is time to focus our efforts on another important message: As Americans who love Israel, we know that ending the settlement moratorium would play into the hands of those who seek to delegitimize Israel.

We need to deliver this message directly to Israelis, many of whom are not aware of the impact that new settlement construction could have on public American support for Israel.

As part of this effort, APN is asking our activists to make short videos explaining how new settlement expansion could undermine Israel's standing in their communities. The top videos we receive will be featured in Israel starting August 10th as part of the new campaign by the Israeli Peace Now movement.

Here is one such video:

To submit your video, just upload it to YouTube and email me the link. (My address is nshelef [at] peacenow [dot] org)

This call to action is coordinated with the Israeli Peace Now movement, which today unveiled a new campaign on settlements. Check it out.

Want to take another action to help get this message across? Sign this petition to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The decision on the settlement freeze will be made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his cabinet. You can be sure that Israeli public opinion will influence their decision.

Israelis need to know what's at stake: Americans are inspired by a vision of Israel as a peace-seeking democracy. But new settlement construction will alienate these supporters. Many will see in Israel a country that prefers to rule over Palestinians rather than to forge peace.

In September, Israel will make a choice. Help Israel choose peace.