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"How Far Will They Go?" Israeli Extrements Threaten Defense Minister Barak, Peace Now's Oppenheimer

Settlers Demonstrate Against Settlement Freeze 186x140.jpgIsraeli extremists opposed to the settlement freeze have made threats deemed credible by the authorities on the life of Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak.  Also, the arrested Jewish terrorist Yaacov Teitel reportedly told Israeli investigators that he wanted to kill Peace Now Director General Yariv Oppenheimer.

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(picture: Protest against the settlement freeze in Jerusalem)

from APN's Middle East Peace Report of 1/7/10...

Fear that Israeli extremists will try to assassinate Defense Minister Ehud Barak have prompted Israeli security officials to beef up his personal security detail and to double the number of security guards that escort him.
The move reportedly followed a threat on Barak's life.

Barak was not the only Israeli official to have security around him tightened last week. Procedures to protect Israeli Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen were put into place earlier in the week, after Cohen received a death threat. Israeli police believe that the threat was made by extreme right-wing activists, who oppose the construction freeze in West Bank settlements and the police commissioner's comments criticizing settler rioters.
In related news, more details about Jewish terrorist Yaakov Teitel were published in the Israeli media this weekend. Teitel, an Israeli-American dual national who resided in the West Bank settlement outpost of Shvut Rachel before his arrest this fall, is charged with a twelve-year murder and attempted-murder spree of Palestinians, Christian missionaries, gay Israelis, and the attempted murder of Peace Now activist Zeev Sternhell.
During his police interrogation, Teitel reportedly said that he wanted to kill Peace Now Director General Yariv Oppenheimer, but that he was unable to collect enough information about Oppenheimer's whereabouts before he was detained by police.
The attempted murder of Sternhell, which included circulating flyers offering a reward for the killing of Peace Now activists, prompted Israel's law enforcement authorities to provide special security arrangements for Oppenheimer. (Ynet, 12/29 & 12/31/09; IsraelHhayom, 12/30/09)