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Mitchell's determination deserves support

On Mondays, we at APN look for a quote -- Quote of the Week -- to feature in the Weekly Update that we send to our supporters.

This week, I looked through the extensive interview that President Obama's Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell gave to PBS's Charlie Rose for good quotes.

The interview made news in Israel because of Mitchell's pointing out that the U.S. has not only carrots but also sticks that it could use to encourage Israel to progress toward a peace deal with the Palestinians.

My take-away from this interview is Mitchell's determination to drive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to a successful conclusion, hopefully within two years.

Here are my favorite quotes from the interview, which is worth reading or watching in its entirety:

•    "The Palestinians are not going to get a state until the people of Israel have a reasonable sense of sustainable security.  The Israelis on the other hand are not going to get that reasonable sense of sustainable security until there is a Palestinian state.  And so we think they're not -- rather than being mutually exclusive, they're mutually reinforcing."
•    "I believe with all -- with everything that I have, that there's no such thing as a conflict that can't be ended.  Conflicts are created, they're conducted, they are sustained by human beings, they can be ended by human beings.  And I believe this one can be ended, and I think it will be ended."
•    "And let me make clear, when we get into a negotiation, we're going to be involved in an active, sustained and determined way, to try to encourage the parties to reach what I believe is an agreement that is possible."
•    "What we're going to have to have is continued and active American involvement.  And with this president and with this Secretary of State, I think we're going to have a combination that hasn't been matched in modern history."

Those who were not convinced by my recent op-ed about the "no-solutionists" should spend some quality time with Mitchell. He did it in Northern Ireland and he is determined to do it in Israel-Palestine as well.

He deserves every bit of support.