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Peace Now and APN Condemn Attacks on NIF

Peace Now and APN very seldom issue joint statements. We took this unusual step today to react to the shocking attacks on the New Israel Fund. These attacks include newspaper and internet ads that resemble images from the darkest times in Jewish history.

The attack on NIF concerns all progressive Israelis and their supporters in the United States.

Here is the text of the press release.

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February 1, 2010                                                
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APN and Peace Now Condemn Attacks on NIF

Washington, DC - Israel's Peace Now movement and Americans for Peace Now strongly condemn the vicious attacks on the New Israel Fund, on its Chair, Naomi Chazan, and on the NIF's grantee organizations who are quoted in the United Nations' fact-finding mission's report on last year's Gaza war.
In recent days, an Israeli right wing organization launched a vile campaign to discredit the New Israel Fund, its chair and some of its grantee organizations. This attack includes ad hominem attacks against Professor Chazan in newspaper ads that show the former Knesset Member with a horn on her forehead.
Peace Now and APN are deeply disturbed by the content of this campaign and shocked by its style, which is reminiscent of dark times in our people's history.
The NIF grantees that are quoted in the UN report on Operation Cast Lead were performing their duty as Israeli human rights organizations by monitoring and reporting on controversial policies of their government and their military. Such human rights organizations are an integral part of any vibrant democracy and as such, they are an integral - and vital - part of Israel's civil society.
The New Israel Fund is an asset to Israel's democracy, as are its grantee organizations. Attempts to silence them should not be tolerated by the Israeli public and by friends of a free and democratic Israel worldwide.
We call on all Israelis and on American friends of Israel to join us in denouncing and rejecting these contemptuous attempts to muzzle Israel's civil society groups, to quell dissenting voices in Israeli society and to demonstrate civility when discussing and debating issues of public policy.

Peace Now is Israel's leading peace movement. APN is America's leading Jewish organization advocating for peace for Israel.