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Putting peace above partisanship

This week's mid-term elections will have a profound impact on a wide range of issues that impact every American. It is clear that the battles ahead in Washington will focus on domestic concerns.
But those of us who care about Israel and about peace can't afford take our eyes off the ball in the Middle East.
That is why I need your help.  Together, we need to raise our voices to demand that the new Congress stop using peace for Israel as a political football.
Join me in calling on the new leadership in the House of Representatives to do what is right, for Israel and for the United States.
We saw a lot of heated rhetoric - especially from groups promoting Republican candidates - during the election season. Some incumbents who had backed peace efforts were even accused of siding with Hamas rather than with Israel.
This ugliness has to end.  Members of Congress need to stop using Israel and peace efforts as crass partisan weapons. 
Write Republican leaders to tell them that being pro-Israel means working for peace.
Make no mistake: there will be spoilers in Congress intent on stoking the fire, eager to make inflammatory statements or to push legislation seeking to limit President Barack Obama's diplomatic maneuvering room.
But there is no law that says that a Republican Congress must choose settlements over peace, or that a Republican Congress cannot support the foreign policy of a Democratic president. To the contrary, history shows that leaders from both parties were willing to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace. Moreover, both parties will be under pressure to find ways of working together in order to pass any legislation.
Today, let's make our voices heard by the new leadership in Congress.
You and I know what's at stake:  Without a peace agreement, Israel's moral standing is suffering.  Without peace, it is only a matter of time until the next war.  Without peace, Israel's very existence and identity is under threat.
American national security interests are also on the line. What happens with Israel and the Palestinians impacts US efforts in many places including vis-à-vis Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Despite the heated Israel-related rhetoric in some quarters, yesterday's election was not fought over foreign policy. And in this moment of political flux, as Washington players try to determine their profile on this issue, it is critical that we speak out.
APN is already calling on the Republican leadership to put peace over politics.Join our call for reason by sending your letter today.