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Tragedy off Gaza coast

An Israeli attempt to intercept one of the ships that was part of an international Gaza aid flotilla ended in disaster. At least nine people on board the ship died. Seven Israeli commandos are said to be injured.

While details of the incident are still emerging, one thing is clear: Israel's policy of blockading Gaza is untenable and increasingly indefensible. The time has come for a re-evaluation of current policies.

Without doubt, Israel has a right to defend itself from attack. At the same time, Israel has learned through painful experience that military force alone cannot eliminate threats. It is time for a new approach.

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In the face of today's tragedy, Peace Now is showing leadership. A few short hours after the news broke, Peace Now chief Yariv Oppenheimer published an op-ed in the Israeli newspaper, Ma'ariv.

Peace Now is your voice in Israel. It is a courageous, moral voice, a voice speaking out for sanity.

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The best way to prevent horrible events like this one is to implement a peace process that ends the siege of Gaza and creates a two-state solution.

I hope that you will join me today in redoubling your commitment to this cause.

Lives are at stake.