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What is Berman saying about settlements?

I just sent this call to action out to our activists who live in Rep. Howard Berman's district.

Dear Friend,

According to an article in Sunday's Haaretz newspaper, during a closed-door meeting with L.A. Jewish leaders on August 14th Rep. Howard Berman said that the Obama administration is "mistaken" in demanding Israel completely freeze construction in the settlements.  

Given the manner in which the story was leaked to the paper, it's entirely possible that this sentiment does not represent Berman's views. (In fact, some leaders who attended the meeting tell me that Berman worked hard to convince the audience that Obama's approach was the right one).

Nevertheless, Berman is a senior Democrat, a leading Jewish member, and the Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. What he says matters.  And what people are saying he said matters, too.

Click here to write Representative Berman.

You and I know that settlements are a serious impediment to peace. They constitute a burden to Israel's security services. They create points of friction between Israelis and Palestinians. They drain Israel's financial resources. They erode support for Israel among its friends and allies. And they generate doubt as to Israel's commitment to a two-state solution.

Click here to write Representative Berman.

Ask Berman to clarify his position on the Obama Administration's peace policy and to make clear that he supports President Obama in his historic effort to achieve a breakthrough that can open the door for serious, successful peace negotiations.  

Berman is already on record in favor of President Obama's call for Arab states to take steps toward normal relations with Israel. Now more than ever he needs to make clear that he also backs President Obama's call for Israel to stop all settlement activity.


Noam Shelef
Director of Strategic Communications
Americans for Peace Now

P.S. - I'm sending out this call to action only to those of you who live in Berman's district. He must know that his constituents support President Obama's efforts to bring peace to Israel.