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Peace Now activists assaulted on video


Some stunning footage just became available of a settler attacking a team of Peace Now activists who were surveying West Bank settlement construction.

The assault took place at the settlement of Dolev. The incident was captured on video and reported by Israel's Channel 2 Television, whose news team was documenting Peace Now's work, and was also assaulted.

Peace Now activists track settlement expansion because it harms Israel and the prospects for peace. Settlements burden Israel's security services, create friction between Israelis and Palestinians, drain financial resources, and undermine the two-state solution which is so critical to bringing about real and lasting peace.

The news segment above was broadcast on Channel Two's evening news broadcast Thursday. (Watch it by clicking on the play button above).

Peace Now's Hagit Ofran filed a police complaint against the assailant. An arrest was made this morning.

This settler violence is inexcusable, heart wrenching, and, unfortunately, all too common. It undermines the possibilities for stability and peace. Settlers assault our volunteers because they know that Peace Now's work has an impact. They know that Peace Now is the best resource for information about settlements and has reinforced President Obama's firm hand to bring a stop to settlements.

Our volunteers risk their lives for peace, but they cannot work alone. We need your help so they can continue their work and to also give it even greater impact. Please, take one minute out of your day to stand against violence.

First, support the critical work of Americans for Peace Now. This funding is absolutely critical.

Second, forward this to your friends and family. Let them see what is really happening on the ground in the West Bank.

We welcome your thoughts or messages of hope and peace for Israel's future.