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Government Relations: May 2005 Archives

Legislative Roundup - May 27, 2005

I. Aid to the PA II. Congress Comments on PA Aid III. President Bush on the Record IV. Bills and Resolutions V. Dear Colleagues VI. Frist on the Record VII. Israel, China, and Defense Auth.

May 26, 2005 - Transcript of President Bush and President Abbas' remarks and responses to press questions

Legislative Roundup - May 20, 2005

I. New Bills and Resolutions; II. House Mark-Up; III. Dear Colleagues (including on Disengagement); IV. Frist on the Record (Jordan)

Legislative Roundup - May 13, 2005

I. Supplemental Update II. New Bills and Resolutions III. Senators on the Record IV. Kolbe on Palestinian Aid V. Frist on the Record VI. Reconciliation Event on the Hill

SPECIAL: Frist Statement on Israel Visit

"The withdrawal plan is understandably controversial and difficult for many families living in Gaza. But I also believe that the withdrawal is a crucial step toward securing a lasting peace..."

SPECIAL: Frist Statement on West Bank Visit

"It is clear the Palestinians need one thing; that is, hope--hope for the future, hope for a better life, hope for a more secure life. They need their economic services improved. They need their social services improved. They need to believe there will be tangible benefits from choosing dialog over violence."

Legislative Roundup - May 6, 2005

I. Supplemental Update II. New Resolutions III. Frist on the Record

SPECIAL: Update on Supplemental

On May 3rd, House and Senate conferees agreed on a compromise version of HR 1268, which includes an aid package to the Palestinians and others in the Mideast