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Government Relations: June 2007 Archives

APN Legislative Round-Up - June 29, 2007

I. FY08 ForOps - Senate Full Committee Mark-Up; II. Other Bills and Resolutions; III. Lugar on the Record

APN Legislative Round-Up - June 22, 2007

I. FY08 ForOps -- Additional Bill and Report Text; II. FY08 ForOps on the House Floor; III. AIPAC and the ForOps bill; IV. Other Bills and Resolutions; V. New Aid Formula, More Aid For Israel

APN Legislative Round-Up - June 15, 2007

I. FY08 ForOps Process Begins; II. Weiner Opposes Palestinian Aid, Again; III. APN on the Current Crisis in Gaza

APN Legislative Round-Up - June 8, 2007

I. Bills and Resolutions; II. H. Con. Res. 152 Redux (JRS Resolution); III. APN on H. Con. Res. 152; IV. APN on S. Res. 224 (Feinstein resolution); V. On the Record on H. Con. Res. 152; VI. On the Record on S. Res. 224