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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to our Christian friends!

Kathleen Peratis

We at APN know a thing or two about Christmas. We know it is the holiday that celebrates peace, and as you know, "peace" is our middle name. On this Christmas day, Americans for Peace Now embraces our Christian supporters and sends them our warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, a year of peace and light.

APN is a Jewish organization, so while most of us don't celebrate Christmas, we do celebrate the shared value of peace. We also celebrate our allies in the Holy Land - and you, their friends across the ocean - who tirelessly work for a just and lasting peace. So we are not only proud to send our greetings and thanks to our Christian supporters - a growing constituency in our work for peace in Israel - but to also celebrate all that we have in common.

Your help and partnership are indispensible to our work here and in Israel. Just past the half-way point of the nine-month gestational period allotted by our President to the leaders of the Israelis and Palestinians, this is the time not only to wish for peace, but to act, so we fervently hope that you will join us in redoubling efforts to advance peace now.


Jews and Christians alike, in these dark short days of mid-December, share the yearning for a sliver of light to pierce the darkness - the symbolic point (or one of them) of both menorahs and Christmas trees. With your help we will together create a beautiful light, building peace on earth, good will towards humanity.

Thanks, and every good wish for a peaceful holiday and a happy 2014,

Kathleen Peratis,
Board member, Americans for Peace Now