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Peace Partners: Egypt and Jordan

In 1978, Israel and Egypt signed the Camp David Accords, ensuring stability and security on Israel's southern border for more than a quarter of a century and opening the way for diplomatic, security, and economic cooperation. In 1994, Israel and Jordan signed a peace agreement, ensuring the stability and security of the Israeli-Jordanian border and of the Israeli-controlled border between the West Bank and Jordan, and paving the way for diplomatic relations, economic ties, and water-sharing agreements.

These agreements reflected courageous leadership in all three countries. Neither agreement could have been achieved without hands-on U.S. leadership. In the years since, Jordan and Egypt have played vital roles in efforts to stop violence and resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as in supporting other key U.S. policy priorities in the region. These agreements have also dissipated security pressures facing Israel along two of its borders, freeing up Israeli security resources and giving Israel breathing room to focus on other security threats and challenges.

The enduring nature of these agreements, even under the strain of crises and pressures in the region, demonstrates that peace agreements can succeed, and can pay huge dividends in terms of stability and security, both for Israel and its neighbors.

APN supports continued strong U.S. relations with Israel's courageous partners in peace - Jordan and Egypt, and supports continued U.S. aid to Egypt and Jordan, as requested by the President.

(Feb. 2011)