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Settlements in Focus: June 2012 Archives

Low-key Ulpana Evacuation

Ulpana_evac320x265.jpgThe evacuation of the five illegally-built houses in the West Bank settlement of Beit El was completed without any confrontations between the settlers and the police.

The 3,000 police officers who just a week ago spent an entire day in the Jordan Valley, practicing the evacuation of a violent crowd, did not stretch a muscle.

Hagit Ofran 186x140.jpgAs part of the political crisis around the Ulpana Hill outpost, PM Netanyahu announced a "compensation package" for the settlers in which 851 new units will be built in disputed areas in the West Bank.

Peace Now Letter to PM Netanyahu

Nokdim Settlement Construction 186x140.jpg"Building 300 housing units in Beit El and expanding other settlements are not a punishment to Peace Now but a punishment to all the citizens in this country..."

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Netanyahu was quoted with regard to the litigation of Peace Now and other organizations, that they should know for every illegally built structure in the settlements that he will be compelled to demolish by court order, he will build ten.

In response, Peace Now published an open letter to him as an ad in the Hebrew media, and is collecting signatures to be sent to the Prime Minister.

"David Suissa's settlements crisis" by APN's Lara Friedman

This op-ed is a response to a column by David Suissa. To read his piece, click here or see his response.

David Suissa wants us to believe that settlements aren't an obstacle to peace because their physical "footprint," their built-up area, represents "only" around 1% of the West Bank.