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Stop the Violence, Stop the Hate: November 2009 Archives

Alpher answers questions about recent IDF troop demonstrations, films about Israel's war experience in Lebanon, and how the fall of the Berlin wall has influenced European attitudes toward the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Settler Rabbis' Guide to Killing Non-Jews (full original Maariv article)

In the wake of the arrest of an American-Israeli settler for murdering Palestinians (and other acts of violence, for which the accused insists that "God is proud of my actions") last week the JTA included a short story about a new book published by a West Bank settler rabbi entitled "The King's Torah."  The book offers far-reaching guidance on when and under what circumstances it is permissable for Jews to kill non-Jews (including children). Haaretz also published its own very short item on the story.  These two English-language stories fail to capture the full story in all its horror -- for that you need the Israeli Hebrew-language press.  So here is the original story from Maariv (translation by Israel News Today).

A Short History of Israeli Right Wing Terrorism

YaakovTeitel 186x140.jpg

Yaakov (Jack) Teitel (pictured in Israeli custody) is not the first and probably not the last Israeli terrorist to target Palestinians or Israeli supporters of peace. Furthermore, many of these Jewish terrorists came from the ranks of the West Bank settlers. Read on for a partial list of Israeli groups and individuals who took violent action to sabotage peace.