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Stop the Violence, Stop the Hate: December 2009 Archives

Investigator recommended shelving Teitel case

Aviad Glickman
Published: 12.31.09, 08:56 / Israel News

In 1997, Jack Teitel was an American tourist who rented a car, murdered a man and fled Israel. In 2000, a lie detector test led to his release. Documents obtained by Ynet reveal police and Shin Bet's failure in getting their hands on Jewish terrorist for 12 years

Scary stuff

yariv target.JPGI just learned that Peace Now Secretary General Yariv Oppenheimer was on Israeli terrorist Yaakov Teitel's hit list.

According to minutes from Teitel's police interrogations, which were made public today on Israeli news sites Ynet and NRG, Teitel said that he had planned to follow Yariv and possibly attack him.

Alpher answers questions on last week's arson at a West Bank mosque and the Knesset's decision to mandate a popular referendum on territorial concessions to  Syria.

Another Deplorable Act of Jewish Extremists in the West Bank

Today, as Jews worldwide commemorate the desecration of the Temple and celebrate its rededication, Jewish extremists, most likely West Bank settlers, desecrated a mosque in a Palestinian village near Nablus.


The mosque, in the Palestinian village of  Yasuf, was torched. Copies of the Koran were burnt. Hateful graffiti in Hebrew was sprayed at the site referring to the settlers' "Price Tag" vigilante operation to attack Palestinians and Israeli security forces to deter Israel's authorities from enforcing the law on the settlers.


This is not the first time that Jewish extremists intentionally desecrate a Muslim house of worship in order to foment violence. It is a deplorable tactic that should be confronted decisively by the Israeli authorities. There should be zero tolerance when it comes to such hate-crimes that might ignite violence throughout the West Bank and the region.


We are gratified that Israel's Peace Now movement will send a delegation to the village of Yasuf over the weekend, to express solidarity and denounce the settlers' ongoing violence. We are also happy to see that the Anti Defamation League issued a strong condemnation.


We urge other American Jewish groups to do the same.

On this Hanukkah, lets all think about the importance of fighting hatred and fanaticism and about the imperative of pursuing peace.