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Stop the Violence, Stop the Hate: November 2011 Archives

Tolerance, please!

Our intern Benjamin Kasdan wrote the following piece about a disturbing experience, after helping us organize an event in Washington:

As I was leaving an event on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict sponsored by Americans for Peace Now earlier this month, an elderly man who noticed that I was carrying an APN sign approached me and asked me if I worked with APN. When I responded that I did, he called me a self-hating Jew, and told me that I should be ashamed of myself.

The encounter shocked me and has been troubling me ever since. Has our community really become that intolerant?
WaPo_Hagit_Collage320x265.jpgThe Washington Post's Sunday edition featured Hagit Ofran, the director of Peace Now's Settlements Watch project, in a story about the attacks on Israel's democracy and civil society. 

In the face of repeated death threats, she is not intimidated and determined to continue her work, educating the Israeli public about the threat that West Bank settlements pose to Israel's future, Hagit told the Post.  

Shortly after the article was published, Hagit and six of her colleagues at Peace Now again received death threats yesterday, this time by email.