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Why stuff yourself when you can have just a nosh?

News Nosh

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you, our supporters. We are thankful for President Obama and Secretary Kerry in their efforts to broker peace for Israel. And we are thankful to be able to continue the critical work we do.

This Thanksgiving however, we could use a little less stuffing. Instead of being overwhelmed by the enormous amount of news that we are all bombarded with, let us send you a quick Nosh that gives you all you need to know about what is going on in the Middle East. That's right, a News Nosh.

You want to find out what is happening with the peace negotiations; you want straight talk on Iran; you want the breaking news on the unconscionable expansion of settlements. You can surf the web for Israeli news sites, struggle with Hebrew and pop-up ads, or you can let APN do the work for you. Every day. For free. Sign up here.

News Nosh arrives "on your doorstep" (in your inbox) first thing in the morning for you to nibble on with your morning coffee. If you want to keep up with what's happening in Israel, there's no better way to do it than with APN's News Nosh. APN offers you the top Israeli news aggregator, for free. All you need to do is sign up.

We wish you and your families a happy Thanksgiving, and to our Jewish supporters, a happy Chanukah!

Thank you,
Debra DeLee
CEO, Americans for Peace Now

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Rabbi Alana Susksin

When Israel's Maariv daily wrote about housing construction in East Jerusalem this summer, it offered exact numbers - down to the individual house.

How did they do it? In the paragraph after giving the numbers, Maariv offered this telling admission:

alternate resource page

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks resource page


This resource page will offer you background, analysis and commentary on the talks - anything you need to follow the new diplomatic initiative.

Be informed: Your guide to the peace negotiations


With Israeli-Palestinian peace diplomacy stuck for so many years, we who dedicate our lives to peace for Israel and her neighbors have been feeling a little like the East Coast cicadas that hibernate underground, and wait for more than a decade to see daylight.


Earlier this week, President Obama announced that Susan Rice, the current U.S. Ambassador to the UN, will be his new National Security Advisor. He also announced that he had picked Samantha Power, his longtime advisor, to replace Rice at the UN. For better or for worse, both appointments have an Israel angle.

APN Objections to S. Res. 65

Americans for Peace Now has serious concerns about S. Res. 65, an AIPAC-backed resolution recently introduced in the Senate that has been nicknamed by some the "Backdoor to War" resolution, since it effectively gives a green light for Israeli military action against Iran that, if carried out, would almost certainly require the U.S. to join the fight.

APN is urging Senators to refuse to cosponsor S. Res. 65.

Given the gravity of the issues at stake, APN is urging Senators to also refuse to permit S. Res. 65 to be ramrodded through the Senate according to a timetable defined by AIPAC - or any outside group.

We are urging Senators to instead call for a serious deliberation process, including committee hearings and markups during which concerns about S. Res. 65 can be aired and deficiencies in the resolution can be addressed.

Did you know?

Obama's Upcoming Visit to Israel: A Game-Changer

During last night's State of the Union address, Obama's comments regarding Israel were brief. He stated: "...we will stand steadfast with Israel in pursuit of security and a lasting peace. These are the messages I'll deliver when I travel to the Middle East next month." These words feed the frenzy of speculation surrounding the upcoming Obama visit to Israel and Palestine. Why now? Is Obama signaling a renewed focus on the Israeli-Palestinian file? Does he have a peace plan? Or is this trip really about Iran and Syria?

The answer is almost certainly more mundane. After failing to travel to Israel in his first term, Obama and his advisors would be right to assess that there probably won't be a better time to go than now, and there will certainly be worse times. However, the actual reasoning behind Obama's visit became academic the moment the visit was announced, because the mere announcement of the visit put Israeli-Palestinian peace back on the agendas of both the U.S. and Israel.

APN Legislative Round-Up: Week Ending 1/18/13

1. Bills, Resolutions & Letters
2. Key Committees/Subcommittees in the 113th Congress
3. From the Press

News Nosh 1.14.13

APN's daily news review from Israel

Monday January 14, 2013


Quote of the day:

"No longer will Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz be able to compare Israel favorably to Europe...No longer can Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu engage in wordplay about growth and employment."
--Haaretz's Nehemia Shtrasler takes the government to task for the enormous budget deficit revealed yesterday.**

APN Legislative Round-Up: December 12-21, 2012

1. Bills, Resolutions & Letters
2. Members on the Record
3. Hagel on the Record on the Middle East


APN statement 12/18: APN Rejects Attacks on Sen. Hagel
At the Daily Beast's Open Zion 12/17: Disingenuous Defenses of Netanyahu's Settlement Plans
At the Daily Beast's Open Zion 12/17: Top Ten Issues the ADL Ignored

What You Need to Know About E-1

E-1 infrastucture - road186x140.jpg

E-1 is back in the news, with a vengeance. In this document we provide all the information you need to know about this controversial settlement project, as well as answer questions you might have and refute the erroneous or deliberately misleading arguments that are being bandied about.

Israel Election Frenzy

Bibielection2012-186x140.jpgA month before the US general elections, Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, threw Israel into an election campaign frenzy when he announced his intention to dissolve the Knesset and hold early elections next January.

A Sukkot of Peace from APN

Sukkah186x140.jpgBeginning Sunday night, September 30th, the Jewish holiday of Sukkot begins. During the week-long holiday, Jews build a special kind of home to dwell in for the week, called a sukkah. The sukkah is a deliberately temporary house, which can have no more than one permanent wall, and whose roof must be open to the sky, covered only partially by natural materials such as branches. Over the course of the week, meals are eaten in the sukkah, and people gather together to celebrate, and even to sleep.  According to tradition, we invite ushpizin - guests in Aramaic - to join us in the sukkah. These guests are the souls of seven Jewish ancestors who each represent a different value that we want to have with us in our sukkah.

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Israel will return home with no Olympic medal for the first time in two decades and Egypt prepares for an attack in Sinai making top stories in Hebrew papers this morning. Iran will be turning off its internet and Morocco hosted an Israeli delegation - along with an highly unusual meeting...

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News Nosh 7.10.12

APN's daily news review from Israel

Tuesday July 10, 2012


Quote of the day:

"How can this report, which is supposed to reflect the current situation, fail to represent the situation that has been upheld by the High Court of Justice for the past 45 years?"
--Adv. Talia Sasson, who prepared the 2005 report on settlements, reacts to Judge Edmund Levy's 2012 report that says Israel is not an occupier and outposts are legal.**



A few weeks ago, Americans for Peace Now sent out my letter asking you stop being defensive about what our adversaries say about us. They have been accusing us of all kinds of nonsense - when actually, APN and our sister organization Shalom Achshav, have been working for the only possible solution that will lead to peace and security for Israel. If you want to see what effect we are having, read this editorial published yesterday by the editor and columnist Yael Paz-Melamed for the Israeli daily Ma'ariv.

There is so much going on right now...

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  • Settlement News
  • Who says what about Iran today?
  • Israeli Election Updates:
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  • And everything else that's hot in the Middle East right now:
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dictionary186x140.jpgIn characterizing all non-violent Palestinian measures as terrorism, Israel insults the memory of victims of real acts of terror.

Yesterday was Yom Hazikaron, Israeli Remembrance Day. Every year on this day Israelis stop to remember their fellow citizens who have given their lives for the sake of Israel, whether in wars or at the hands of terrorists.