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APN Joins Peace Now's Call for Boycotting Settlements

PeaceNowBoycott186x140.jpgWashington, DC - Today the Board of Directors of Americans for Peace Now met in a special session to discuss Israel's new anti-boycott law.  In the session the board unanimously adopted the following position:  APN's Board wholeheartedly endorses Peace Now's campaign to challenge the new law and joins in their call for a boycott of products made in settlements. 

APN President and CEO Debra DeLee commented: 

"The actions of our Board today underscore the seriousness of the threat today to Israel's democracy.  The new law passed by the Knesset is a travesty of democracy.  APN proudly supports our colleagues in the Israeli Peace Now movement as they lead domestic efforts to challenge the new law.  They understand what this law means for Israel and for their future as Israelis.  They know that it is not just their own ability to fight for peace, but also the very soul of Israel, that it is at stake.

"APN continues to oppose boycotts and other forms of BDS against Israel and the Israeli people as a whole, and urges people to continue buying Israeli products.  However, today it is clear that Israeli extremists are exploiting concerns about BDS, turning them into a pretext to effectively outlaw peaceful opposition to settlements and the occupation.  In light of these attacks, no one who cares about Israel can afford to be squeamish about the issue of settlement boycotts.   

"Today we join Peace Now in urging all those who care about Israel's character as a democracy to boycott settlements and products made in settlements.  Settlements are not Israel.  Such a boycott is the best way to show our support for Israel and to register our commitment to Israeli democracy."

"Like Peace Now, we recognize that fundamentally this new law is not about boycotts or even, truly, about settlements.  It is about stifling dissent, smothering activism, and suppressing freedom of expression.  We also know that this flagrant attack on the basic democratic value of freedom of expression is not an isolated case.  Tomorrow the Knesset will consider an anti-democratic measure that would set up McCarthy-ite committees to investigate Israeli non-governmental organizations.  Multiple other pieces of pending legislation seek to suffocate the Israeli civil society organizations that are most critical to preserving Israel's democracy - groups working to promote peace, human rights, and civil rights within Israel.

"All of us who love Israel - who love the people of Israel and who are deeply committed to ensuring a future for them in the Jewish and democratic state of Israel - must speak out and act to protest these attacks on Israel's democracy."