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Americans for Peace Now and Peace Now Launch "Shalom BaKnesset Habaa"

They promise to make peace. Peace Now makes them deliver.

They promise to make peace.

Peace Now makes them deliver.

Israelis will go to the polls on March 28th to vote for the parties that will represent them in the seventeenth Knesset.

With the platforms of most of the major parties calling for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this next Knesset will be the first one in history to which a solid pro-peace majority will be elected-the first one in history in which the Knesset's composition will actually reflect the pro-peace sentiments of the Israeli people.

At least in theory.

You see, politicians can give a lot of definitions for what it means to be "pro-peace."

Some of them talk vaguely about welcoming the establishment of a Palestinian state-without mentioning that the "state" they have in mind may be so small and physically divided that it isn't viable.

Others may talk about the desirability of "getting back to negotiations," but demand that the Palestinians must meet a host of unrealistic pre-conditions before they'd be willing to sit down with them to talk.

Some of them embrace the "Road Map to peace," but conveniently forget the Israeli obligations under the terms of that plan, like removing settlement outposts and freezing settlement growth.

Others may talk about the need to remove outposts, but only in the distant future, if ever. Meanwhile, they let these illegal settlements flourish with secret government support.

Some of them agree one week not to impose collective punishments on the Palestinians in response to terrorist attacks, only to threaten to use such punishments the next week.

Others may talk of peace with the Palestinians, but demand that Jerusalem remain the undivided capital of Israel-even if that means denying the Palestinians the ability to create a capital of their own in the Arab neighborhoods of the city and absorbing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into Israel.

You get the picture.

That's why Americans for Peace Now and Peace Now in Israel are launching a new campaign called Shalom BaKnesset Habaa (Peace in the Next Knesset).

Shalom BaKnesset Habaa will seek to define what it means to actually be "pro-peace" in the next Knesset based on Peace Now's four-point action plan:

1) The immediate removal of illegal outposts

2) The evacuation of isolated settlements spread out across the West Bank

3) A firm commitment to resuming negotiations with the Palestinians

4) A reasonable set of expectations for the Palestinians to meet that are consistent with their security obligations

These clear criteria will be the standard to which we will hold Israeli leaders accountable, both during the campaign season and afterwards.

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