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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Visit to the U.S.

See news items and other information related to this visit, which drew lots of attention (and photographers)

Presidents Abbas & Bush in White House

Transcript of Presidents Bush & Abbas' Rose Garden Remarks and Q&A

President Bush welcomes President Abbas - Rose Garden Picture

USA Today: "Frist: Double the funding for Palestinians"
Senator Frist, who met with President Abbas on Wednesday, May 25th, wrote this piece in support of steps to strengthen Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

Bloomberg News: "Bush Offers Palestinian Leader Abbas $50 Million in Direct Aid"

Jerusalem Post: "Abbas, Jewish officials meet"
In attendance at the meeting were Debra DeLee, APN President & CEO, and Lewis Roth, APN Assistant Executive Director, who is quoted in the article as saying: "It certainly was good to hear Abu Mazen reaffirm his support for nonviolence and say negotiations are the only way for the Palestinians to achieve their objectives"

APN's Settlements in Focus - Vol. 1, Issue 3 covers the Bush-Abbas meetings and issues raised related to settlement/outpost construction, "natural" growth, and more.